Measuring Return on Training Investment

The Challenge

  • A global Bank appointed Mercuri International to deliver 35 relationship-based negotiating programmes to 316 Bank relationship managers across five departments, in ten months.
  • The requirement was to not only deliver sales improvement programmes that supported the Bank’s performance objectives, on time and to the budget, but to also then measure the impact of that training through both delegate feedback and monetary return on investment – payback.

Our Solution

  • Mercuri measured the impact of its programmes for the Bank using its own « Results, Activities, Competence » model, twinned with the classic 4-level Kirkpatrick training methodology.
  • Reaction to training, evidence of skills learned and the ability to apply those skills in the workplace, plus bottom line, commercial impact were all measured. 
  • This approach was highly successful. It supported Mercuri’s programme implementation, enabling continuous training improvement throughout – and it allowed our sales performance team to demonstrate a proven return on client investment.

The Result 

  • Opinion of the training – measured 98% were « satisfied » or « very satisfied » with the programme – and 99% said they would recommend their course to a colleague.
  • Changes in understanding and confidence-in-practice – within 90 days. 
  • Commercial impact (50 specific ROI examples) – measured Examples include : Bank exposure reduced by £1M, margins improved by 2%; customer retained, income increased by £132K; customer £31K Year1 income increase +£18K p.a thereafter.
  • Training investment repaid in the first three months – self financing.