Sales Excellence in the Technology Sector

The Challenge

  • One of the major companies in the world within desktop and notebook sales wanted to expand their market share in this very price competitive market.
  • The company is a very large and complex organization, with many offerings.
  • Mercuri International, with a proven track record, global reach and respected training professionals, was chosen for the task.

Our Solution

  • We worked with the Personal Sales Group of the company to create a collaborative solution. The focus was on the sales directors in the countries where the company operates. Key questions were : What should be the strategy in their market place ? How do they execute on that strategy ? How can the company attract, develop and retain people to motivate them to execute the strategy?
  • Using the company’s specific requirements, we incorporated the company’s own tools, such as their strategic planning process and sales execution tools, into the program to reinforce and develop the use of them. 

The Result 

  • The company has gone from a market position of 2 or 3 to number 1 in personal sales in many of the markets where they operate. 

« We took the success of the company’s sales directors who where part of the program and tumbled that learning down through the sales managers. This way of thinking has become common in their work place and it enables them to recieve results which are truly remarkable. »

Dave Cusdin, Mercuri International