Powerful Sales Performance

The Challenge
  • Lufthansa German Airlines approached Mercuri and a partner organisation with a view to implementing process efficiencies and cost economies within Ground Handlind and Support functions of one of its busiest traffic regions.
  • The target was to save as much money as possible over a 6 months period. This would be achieved by internal process improvements together with renegotiated contracts with external service providers. No additional human resources were to be hired in order to achieve the objectives.
  • Mercuri Responded by working with a long standing partner organisation to implement a practical, action based solution based around Project Management methodologies and individual competence development.

Our Solution

  • The project involved a Kick OFf event whereby the initiative and its objectives were clearly positioned to all representatives of all participating countries (over 20). The roles and influence of each individual were clearly defined.
  • Subsequent workshops identified key « projects to successful conclusion. Mercuri Supported this process with formal training intervention, face to face and remote coaching sessions, progress workshops and result evaluation to ensure implementation. All projects were audited internally on completion.

The Result

  • 1,000,000+ Euro saved in 6 months in process improvemends and renegotiated supplier agreements.
  • Initial investment of 50,000 Euro yielded a twentyfold return.
  • This project was highly innovative and very focused on the particular issues of a large and complex logistics organisation. It had to balance multi cultural differences in attitude and perspective with a need for continuity which is a pre requisite in a global brand corporation.
  • The project dealt with both internal customer and external supplier facing challenges. It empowered many participants well beyond there normal level of decision making and responsibility. The extremely ambitious nature of the project coupled with an open ended opportunity for success encouraged « big thinking » and highly innovative solution implementation.
  • Individuals were able to grow capability through instantly implementing learned skills in project management, problem solving, negotiating and leadership. All of the associated training programmes were incorporated into a larger events designed to push the entire project forward.