Kam and Negotiation with a Consumer Good company

The Challenge

Market and Company background : 

This company is one of the two main players in a market where the concentration of the distribution is accelerating. Independent retailers have almost disappeared in favor of integrated chains or affiliates, who now represent the bulk of the market. The key account team has been deeply renewed, and the tools and the ways of working are fragmented and heterogeneous.

The company’s objectives :

  • Reinforce the positions (market share) and ensure the revenue target in a very competitive environment.
  • Professionalize the management of key accounts.
  • Strengthen the expertise of the team by acting simultaneously on the processes and skills.

Our Solution

We used the competence Clock approach developed by our Strategic Competence Management team. This very pragmatic, documented and powerful methodology consists of 8 steps :

  • Make the strategy clear and define the KPIs
  • Evaluate the current performance towards the KPIs
  • Design the right process for managing the KAs
  • Define the competences needed for the KA managers
  • Evaluate the level of competence of the KA managers
  • Design a tailor made development path for the KAM team
  • Train to develop competences and follow-up to ensure implementation
  • Measure the outcomes in terms of practices and results

The Result

Thanks to the involvement of the whole team of this company, both in the design and the implementation of this training program, they have seen the following results :

  1. An increase in turnover of 15% in 2 years
  2. An increased market share
  3. A greater visibility of the company’s products at POS

The company has also seen the following changes in skills and behaviours :

  • A shared vision and a common approach of the KA
  • The use of common tools for preparation and execution
  • A collective sense of power and a greater confidence
  • A better understanding of objectives and constraints of clients